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Activities. walking man

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Hennebont Medieval
Held the last weekend in JULY every year. This is a large Medieval Market gathering 80 craftsmen all in costume. During two days the city is transformed into a true médiéval city with performers and parades through the streets. The troops present tell and play of the episodes of the history of Hennebont accompanied by the musicians and the choral society. You are able to buy costumes, jewlery, trinkets. The "Archers" will propose an initiation with the shooting with the arc with the children. Contest of the "gold Arrow". Watch the parades and the side shows which occur through out the day - free!. All the "rabble" can feast at the medieval restaurant (have a pig roast!) , in an environment convivial and musical. The day finishes with original spectacles followed by the " Medieval Ball . etc Our children join in the atmosphere and go dressed as knights and a princess! There is a entrance fee for events such as the jousting tournement which is run two or three times each day, and the fireworks display/ball (saturday night) Read more at:

Medieval festival site

Josselin Medieval Festival

As with the Hennebont festival, market and activities around the medieval festival of Josselin. Starting at 10am until the early hours, there are bound to be fireworks and many activities.

Activities. medieval knights


NOT TO BE MISSED! Look out for posters advertising these events in our village or in the surrounding area. Whether an evening festival (fest noz), or one which takes place during the day (fest deiz) you will have a taste of truly local culture with song and dance. You could well find it hard to resist getting up on your feet to join in the Breton dancing, especially if you have had a verre or two. These are very sociable events. Like most french events there is no need to dress up, jeans and a t-shirt are acceptable!

If you enjoy watching traditional dancing in traditional costumes there are plenty of displays going on during the summer. One we would recommend is Pluneret which takes places on the first sunday in August every year. Displays of dancing, with food tents followed by a Fest Noz in the evening, where everybody joins in if they wish.

Activities. INTERCELTIC 2012

Interceltique Festival - August

The Festival Interceltique at Lorient takes place starting the last weekend in July/first in August every year. The festival consists of 10 days of street music and craft markets in the town centre of Lorient. Each year a different celtic country is celebrated and features in the main marquee. There are many free music concerts and bands playing in restaurants and pubs, filling the town with music and atmosphere. If you're here then, don't miss out on La Grande Parade, where you will see representatives from all the Celtic countries, but hopefully will also just enjoy the joie de vivre emanating from the spectators along the route. Great fun, and not to be missed! Some night concerts need to be prebooked, particularly the light shows. Bookings can be made in Lorient usually in the box offices that are in the streets during the festival or by the show venues. Sometimes you are able to book in advance on line.

Lorient is easily accessible from here with a journey time of around 30 minutes. We recommend that you get there early if you wish to eat in a restaurant at night or prebook the restaurant.

For more information on the festival see the official tourist information site

Activities. 2010 vannes

Medieval Town of Vannes

If you decide to visit Vannes, do go on a Wednesday or Saturday morning so you can visit the market where you can feast your eyes on wonderful local produce. As well as the large street market there is a specialist fish hall, and another covered market, Les Halles, with equally tempting displays. If you park down by the port you will find the markets close by, and then you could wander beyond the markets into the fascinating medieval quarter of the town with it's amazing architecture, cobbled streets and interesting shops. Just outside the shopping area you will find the old wash houses, an interesting historical stucture situated on the river flow where the women of the town used to do their laundry! The port offers many eating establishments and coffee shops as well as a relaxing view of the water and boats.

CLICK here for the tourist information site

Activities. 2010 auray

Medieval Town of Auray

A lovely Breton town where you could enjoy a bit of window-shopping (there is a particularly good Celtic shop with all things Breton), eat a meal or take a drink at a bistrôt on the square, or perhaps seek out the glorious ice-cream establishment just round the corner.

But perhaps the main attraction of Auray is the charming port of Saint-Goustan which lies a short stroll away. You will pass fascinating boutiques and galleries on the way. Or, instead of walking, you could take the little tourist train which makes its way through the streets of the town. Here you will find a great buzz of activity in the summer months, but no doubt you will find a table at one of the many restaurants where you can sit and watch everyone watching everybody else. Just nearby you could explore the group of 15th century houses near the rue de Saint-Saveur.

Activities. 2010 Erdeven beach

The Coast

When you come to Brittany you must visit Carnac because whatever your taste you will surely find something here to interest you. Talk about contrasts! From the prehistoric up to now, big-time.
Carnac is famous throughout the Celtic world for its alignments of standing stones, some 4,000 in all stretching over two and a half miles. There is an interesting and free information centre you can visit. No doubt you will come away puzzled but fascinated, as no-one has yet interpreted the significance of these ancient stones.

But, if you're at Carnac you'll want to visit one of the many beaches of gorgeous white sand. You must experience this! You can hire a beach chair (choose the kind you like best!) for a few euros, settle down in the sun and enjoy! The French populace will start to arrive after 2pm, following their extended déjeuner and then will get busy with beach volley-ball, swimming and other exhausting but no doubt healthy activities.

You could choose one of the many restaurants for your mid-day meal, or perhaps assemble a picnic before setting out.

The beaches in Carnac are alive with activity in the summer. When you have soaked up all the sun and sea air you need and partaken of all the activities (or simply half-observed them between your forty winks) you can thankfully return to your peaceful country gîte!
In the summer you will find that Carnac is extremely busy as it is the most popular destination for the french. It also offers a seaside shopping area in the town and many restaurants and bistros.
The Quiberon peninsula

Look at a map of Brittany and you will see this remarkable peninsula right down in the south, but no further than an hour's drive from your gîte.
As you travel towards Quiberon the peninsula will narrow to barely more than a road's width, with the mighty Atlantic on your right and the the calmer sea of the Baie du Quiberon on your left. Unless of course the wind has decided to skew round on the day you visit.

Quiberon itself is a typical French seaside resort. You can eat at one of the restaurants (virtually on the beach), play with the kids on the white sands or explore the interesting shopping streets.
If you've made an early start you could decide to take a boat to Belle Ile, or one of the other off-shore islands.

When you return you could choose to follow the west coast in a northerly direction. This is known as La Côte Sauvage, the Wild Coast. In midsummer it may be as calm as a pond, but at other times of year you will witness exciting winds and spume coming off the Atlantic Ocean.

On the journey to Quiberon you will pass many other beaches, we would recommend Sable Blanc and St Barb. Sable blanc is a bit pebbly on the feet but offers a quieter beach than Carnac and Quiberon, calmer seas and shallow waters. St Bard is a lovely sandy beach which streches a long way. It is more popular than Sable Blanc but is not as busy as Carnac. The sea is slightly choppier and great for body boarding although still suitable for younger children.

To visit the tourist information site for Carnac CLICK here

Activities. TENUEL TRAIL

Walking and Cycling


This is a beautiful area for walking, and within the immediate area there are several way-marked paths and country lanes. If you follow the track adjacent to the farm you will see a series of blue arrows which indicate a walking trail that leads in to the village and circles back to the farm. It is a fairly long trail and can take the best part of the day! Certain sections can be by passed to shorten the walk should you wish, just ask us and we will tell you how!
You may see wild deer in the woods adjacent to the farm as well as foxes, hares, badgers and recently a red squirrel. There are many trails around the area from 2km to 21km. There is a guide in the information folder in each gite.

Nearer to home we see swallowtail butterflies, and any number of birds and insects on the wing. Jays and buzzards regularly fly over the Fields by your gîte. If you decide to come in the autumn you can hunt out wild mushrooms as our French neighbours do. They be taken to the local pharmacy to check that they are edible


The Nantes Brest canal offers a leisurely cycle path for all abilities. For more adventureous cyclists there are marked cycle routes.The valley of the river Blavet, situated between Pontivy and Lorient, is distinguished by a range of hills, a tight network of fields and hedgerows in the valley bottom known as "bocage", dry heaths and numerous sunken lanes.

Trails : 100 km of way-marked routes laid out in 9 trails (1 green, 4 blue, 3 red and 1 black).

You are able to hire bikes at St Nicholas des eaux which is next to the tow path. This is about 20 minutes from your gite. Make a day of it and hire kayaks or go on the pedalos!

Information : Pays de la Vallée du Blavet
4 rue de Botkermarrec - BP 43 - 56150 BAUD
Tel : 02 97 51 07 53 - Fax 02 97 39 07 23
or CLICK here to link to the web site


stages to be announced


Take a walk down the rural track adjacent to the gites and discover the river Evel. A delightful setting through the small woods and fields, a 10 minute walk. You will be able to fish here practically undisturbed for chubb, roach, perch, pike and trout, and then walk back for lunch! 15 minutes by car and you can try the river Blavet. These rivers offer excellent fishing with possibel catches of trout, salmon carp and more. Take a look at the map below. Permits for fishing in the lake at Guénin or the rivers are available in Baud.

In Brittany there are many well-stocked carp lakes and you can arrange a permit by the day or the week. We are able to pre book day permits for Carp fishing at a friends lake, see their site at You Tube

There are countless other places where you can fish, including deep-sea angling on the coast, and you will find further details in the leaflets in your gîte.

The picture below was taken on 3rd July 2007 and shows one of the CARP caught by my father in one of the local rivers

Activities. fishing map

Activities. DADS FISH

Le Fête des Vieux métiers

A good day out for all the family! A festival held in August just outside the local town of Baud. This festival celebrates all the old traditional rural crafts of Brittany with demonstrations of hay making, clog making Breton dancing and so on. With part of the woods dedicated to craft stalls and another to out door restaurants! There is plenty to see with minimal cost at around 4€ per adult (children under 12 go free); STARTS at 1.30pm with craft market, food stalls and a Fest NOZ in the evening. see it on You Tube


A maïse maze open from july to september, 7 days per week. At 6.90€ per person this is a good value day out. Find your way around the four mazes answering the question boards as you go. There are also two areas with table top games, giant draughts and traditional Breton games, plus bouncy castles. Take a picnic and eat your lunch in one of the three picnic areas.

Activities. 2010 Vannes market

Markets and Brochantes

Local recommended markets: Vannes, Auray, Quiberon and Hennebont

There are many markets where you are able to sample the traditional french foods and produce. Markets usually start around 9am and finish at lunch time therefore it is advisable to get there a little early in order to get parked!

Auray (56) - All day Monday and Sunday Mornings
Baud (56) - All day Saturday - VERY SMALL
Becherel (35) - Saturday Morning - There is also a book market at Becherel on the first Sunday of the month
Benodet (29) - All day Monday
Binic (22) - Thursday Morning
Broons (22) - Wednesday Morning
Burby (56) - All day Wednesday
Callac (22) - All day Wednesday
Cancale (35) - Sunday Morning
Carhaix (29) - Saturday Morning
Carnac (56) All day Sunday and Wednesday
Combourg (35) - All day Monday
Concarneau (29) - Friday And Monday Mornings
Dinan (22) - All day Tuesday and Thursday, and Saturday Morning
Dol de Bretagne (35) - All day Saturday
Dournenez (29) All day Friday and Monday, and Saturday and Wednesday Mornings
Erquy (22) - Saturday Morning
Fouesnant (29) - All day Friday
Fourgeres (35) - Saturday Morning
Gourin (56) - Monday Morning
Guingamp (22) - Friday Morning
Hennebont (56) - All day Thursday
Josselin (56) - Saturday Morning
La Gacilly (56) - Saturday Morning
Lamballe (22) - All day Thursday
Lanester (56) - All day Tuesday
Languidic (56) - All day Friday
Lannion (22) - All day Thursday
La Trinite-sur-Mer (56) - All day Friday
Le Faouet (56) - All day Wednesday - 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month
Lezardrieux (22) - Friday Morning
Locmine (56) - All day Thursday
Malestroit (56) - Thursday Morning
Maure de Bretagne (56) - Sunday Morning
Moelan-sur-Mer (29) - All day Tuesday
Montcontour (22) - All day Monday
Mur de Bretagne (22) - Friday Evening - July and August only
Plelan le Grand (35) - Sunday Morning
Plestin-les-Greves (22) - Sunday Morning
Pleubian - All day Saturday
Ploermeur (56) - All day Sunday
Pontivy (56) - All day Monday
Pontrieux (22) -All day Monday
Port-Louis (56) - Saturday Morning - Also Tuesday Evening during July and August
Questembert (56) - Monday Morning
Queven (56) - Thursday Evening
Quiberon (56) - Al day Saturday
Quimper (29) - Saturday and Sunday Mornings, All day Wednesday - There is also an Organic
Produce Market on Friday Afternoon
Quintin (22) - All day Tuesday
Redon (35) - Monday Morning
Rennes (35) - All day, Monday to Saturday (other than bank holidays)
Roscoff (29) - Wednesday Morning
Rostrenen (22) - All day Tuesday
Saint-Brieuc (22) - All day Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday
Saint Gelven (22) - Sunday Morning - Easter to October
Saint-Guildas de Rhuys (56) - All day Sunday
Saint-Malo (35) - Friday and Tuesday Mornings
Saint-Pierre (56) - All day Thursday
Saint-Pol-de-Leon (29) - All day Tuesday
St. Lunaire (35) - Sunday Morning - Easter to October
St Renan (29) - All day Saturday
Treguier (22) - Wednesday Morning
Val Andre (22) - Friday Morning
Vannes (56) - Saturday and Wednesday Mornings


Throughout the year there are regular antique markets, flea markets and the French equivalent of car boot sales 'Vide Greniers' (attic clearouts). These are all great places to find interesting collectables or just something very different and very french.

To view and up to date diary of brochantes and Markets CLICK HERE. Look for the month of your visit on the left hand side of the site and markets in area 56.


To view and up to date diary of CHRISTMAS MARKETS CLICK HERE. Look for the month of your visit on the left hand side of the site and markets in area 56. Special markets include:

Village de Poul Fetan - Marché de Noël

Activities. 2010 watersport

Water Sports

There are many water sports available in the region from
wind surfing
Kite surfing
Body Boarding etc.

Kayaking - You are able to hire Kayaks (or take your own) to travel along the river at St Nicholas (15 mins away) or our favourite is to go to lac de Guerledan and hire the kayaks (oe take your own)for the afternoon or day. You can travel around the massive resevoir and stop off to picnic at one of the beaches or picnic areas.You can also hire pedalos at both of these places.

If you just want a quick play on the water, you could take your kayaks down to the lake in the village. You are also able to hire pedalos there.

The beaches towards Quiberon ( La côte sauvage)provide flat sands for kite boarding and good waves for surfing. Another popular surfing beach is Carnac.

Lorient provides sailing clubs and kayaking, St trinite sur mer is the mooring site of many major racing boats, and water activities are available at many places. To go directly to the tourist information click on one of the following headings:

water sports

Activities. zip line

Camors adventure forest

Fancy something a little different. Try the adventure park at Camors. Just a short drive away, with activities suitable for older children and adults. MUST BE PREBOOKED - we can arrange this for you if you prefer.

Take a look here


There is a 9-hole course just 15 minutes away at Rimasion, near Pontivy. Par 35, Length 2825. We are happy to book a round of golf for you or you can even take advantage of your holiday time by taking golf lessons at this course. The french instructor is fluent in English.

The grounds of this French chateau ruins are a treasure trove of historic "old stones" and stunning views of the panoramic Blavet River Valley.

While the spectacular elevation changes, rolling terrain, and well-manicured greens provide golfers of all levels a challenge they will never forget..

Facilities at Rimaison Golf Club include: putting green, covered practice ground, coaching, tuition courses, equipment hire, trolley hire, pro shop, clubhouse and a bar.

There are also five 18-hole courses at varying distances from us.

18 hole courses include (approximate distances)

Val Queven - (37km) 22 miles

St Laurent - 26 miles

Ploemeur-Ocean - 27 miles

Baden - 28 miles

Rhuys-Kerver - 45 miles

Visit to find out how you can play at different courses throughout the week at very reasonable rates

Activities. golf courses

Activities. bowling

Ten Pin Bowling & Pool

If you fancy an evening bowling and playing pool, air hockey etc. There is a large 10 lane ten pin bowling club with pool tables, electronic darts, electronic games, bar etc which is suitable for all of the family situated in Pontivy, about 20 minutes from the gîtes. Fun for all the family and makes a change from the beach!

A New swimming pool opened in Pontivy in 2014, a good alternative if the weather happens to be against you! There is a large laned pool and a leisure pool, plus a toddlers area and TWO flumes! BEWARE: Men are not allowed into any public swimming pools with out Speedo (either pant or short) type swimming trunks, BEACH SHORTS are NOT ALLOWED!

Activities. LOGO horse

Horse Riding

Local stables are 5 minutes away and offer a range of horses. Suitable for the whole family. There are also stables at L’Etre Cheval and La Gwenadiere at Camors(15 mins) and Centre Equestre at Pluvigne and Locminé. If you want more of a spectacle then take a look at the "Haras" equestrian centre at Hennebont, about 20 minutes from the gites. This offers tours, shows and exhibitions and generally all horse related activities .

Activities. Fête de Vieille métièrs

Other Activities

Of course there are plenty of other things to do. There is a comprehensive manual and tourist information leaflets in each gîte giving details; Other activities include:

Art dans les chapelles
Leisure Parks
St Nicolas-des-eaux
Le Lac du Guerledan
The Golfe du Morbihan and it's islands tourist information
Horse Riding
Great Restaurants
Go Karting
Quad Biking
Ice Skating tourist information
Sea Fishing click here to go to web site
Prehistoric Megaliths at Carnac
Poul-Fetan working farm museum
Village de L’An Mil at Melrand
Camors Adventure Park
Vannes Aquarium
Vannes Butterfly Park
Malansac Prehistorical Park
National Horse Stud at Hennebont
Lac de Guerledan
The Victor Pleven – The world’s biggest trawler in Lorient
Postcard Museum in Baud
Musee de la Compagnie des Indes at Port Louis
Musee de la Resistance at St Marcel, Malestroit


To see the list of aimations and events specific to Baud, please click on: what's on in Baud


A must to see for all the family! This is a reconstructed 16 century village just 20 minutes from your gîte. With activities reinacted by traditionnaly costumed "village folk". Watch the cows being milked and have a go yourself, Help out making the hand made butter, see the traditional street muscians and watch the wool being woven. Then take a strole around the reconstructed houses and the farm grounds or watch the washer women reinact a typical day at the "wash pool" by the stream. Or while a way time in the back barn having a go at the simple traditional breton games, skittles, boules, pallott etc. Great for adults and children and not expensive. Take a picnic too.

Open afternoons from 6 June to 20 September.

Street musicians and story tellers sunday afternoons July and August

Old time crafts wednesday afternoons July and August

reservations (not necessary): Tél. 02 97 39 72 82 - Fax 02 97 39 77 03

click here to go to the official site

Activities. poulfetan

Activities. 2010 SEA FISHING

Activities. 2010 SEA FISHING


Sea Fishing

We can recommend a superb day or half day fishing on the sea with an excellent friendly guide, fluent in English. For the hire of the boat with guide please refer to the web site. Up to three passengers. For a wonderful experience click here to go to web site

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